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Professor Dr. Mijanur Rahman


Professor Dr. Mijanur Rahman has joined as Vice-Chancellor of Jagannath University on March 20, 2013. Prior to joining the new post, he was a Professor of the University of Dhaka in the Marketing Department. He was also the Treasurer of Dhaka University.

Professor Rahman was born in Comilla, Bangladesh in 1953. He passed S. S. C. from Bibirbazar High School in 1973 and H.S.C. from Comilla Victoria Govt. College in 1975. He obtained his B. Com. (Hons.) & Master Degree in Marketing from the University of Dhaka with outstanding result. After completion of his studies in 1982 at the University of Dhaka, he started his career as a lecturer in the Marketing Department of Rajshashi University. In 1986 he joined as a teacher in the University of Dhaka. He earned his Ph.D. degree in Business Administration from Alighar Muslim University of India in 1994.

Dr. Rahman was promotted as a Professor of Marketing Department of Dhaka University in 1999. Since then, at least 25 research papers have been published in the International Journals. Moreover, he has written a number of books on ‘BAZARJATKARAN’, ‘SNATAK BAZARJATKARAN’, ‘BAZARJATKARAN NITIMALA’ and ‘BAZARJATKARAN (SHAHAJ SANGSKARAN)’ etc. which are well known to the teachers as well as students of Business Administration.

Before assuming the position of VC of Jagannath University, Dr. Rahman was involved in many social organizations. He played a significant role in the Progressive Youth Movement of Bangladesh. He performed administrative activities with dexterity. He was also the chairman of SHEIKH BORHANUDDIN COLLEGE, Council Member of ICMA, Bangladesh, Director of ICB-AMCL, Director of MAKSONS SPINNING, Member of Finance Committee of Bangladesh University Grants Commission and Syndicate Member of Pabna Science & Technology University. A widely traveled man, Dr. Rahman participated in many national and international seminars on different issues related with Marketing and Management. He visited countries like India, Nepal, Thailand, Malaysia, Russia, Bulgaria, United Kingdom, Sweden, Denmark, France, German, United States of America, etc.


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